søndag, oktober 08, 2006

Back from Taize

Finally we are back in Paris after a peaceful week in Taizé! I'm writing in english because we have made lots of friends in Taizé that of course wants to follow our blog! The first thing that striked us with Taizé was the amount of Germans! There were about 1000 germans (of a total off 1300), most of them between 15-16 which naturally did something with Taize! Everybody loved wathing them play their funny games! Anyway, the life as Taize is to be a simple lifestyle. We live simple, eat simple and even dress simple :-)

The week passed by really quicly. The schedule was tight with praying 3 times a day,eating,bible-introduction,discussion in groups (thank you for all good conversations!) and work-shops! It was really interesting to hear the differents stories, believes and to share fellowship.

What a great pleasure to return to Paris! First of all we had received 4 packages, which by the way always is nice! And in addition, Myriam, one of our best friends here had prepared dinner for us! I think she actually came here, prepared the meal, and went home before we got back! Now thats love! We would also send a nice warm thanks to Maria! Thank you very much for the notebooks! We really appreciated it! It came in just the right moment, because I was about the finish the one I already have!

Now we only have a few days left in Paris, and the nerves are beginning to show! No, that is not true of all! We're actually looking forward to finally set our feet on Mali ground! Pictures and some interviews will soon be available! Until next time! Have a nice time!


At tirsdag, 10 oktober, 2006, Anonymous Anonym said...

Tipper dere glere dere nå å e spente på å innta Mali!! Ønsker dere god tur,å lykke te!
Nyt afrikalivet :)

Gratulerer som onkel,Sveinung:) Det var ei nydelig jente!
Klem fra Janne

At tirsdag, 10 oktober, 2006, Blogger Sveinung said...

Takk Janne!
Nâ drar vi om 2 timer.

Nyt hôesten i norge og bergen!



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